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Granny's  Love  Baby  Booties

Copyright 1997-1999 by Karen Gilson

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Baby Yarn



Baby Yarn



Sport Weight





Use small amounts of yarn in Color A (CA) and Color B (CB) for the Granny Square instep.  Use Main Color (MC) for ankle and foot portions of bootie.

Granny Square Instep:

With CA:   Ch 3, join to form a ring.  Ch 3, 2 dc into ring, Ch 2, (3 dc into ring, Ch 2) three times, join to top of Ch3, finish off.  Weave in ends.

With CB:   Attach CB in any stitch and Ch 3 (counts as first dc).  Dc in each dc around.  Work  (dc, Ch2, dc) in each Ch2 space around.  Join to top of Ch3, finish off.  Weave in ends.

Ankle ribbing:

With MC:  Attach in any Ch2 space. Ch 21.  Attach to adjacent Ch2 space, being careful not to twist chain.  This forms the foundation for the ankle ring.

Row 1:       Ch 3, dc in each chain space around.  Dc in Ch2 space, dc in each of 5 dc stitches across instep, dc in Ch2 space, join to top of Ch3.  Count your dc stitches and make sure you have an even number.  If not, adjust accordingly.  This is the row for weaving ribbon through.

Row 2:       Ch3 (counts as first Back Post dc), (Front Post dc in next dc, Back Post dc in next dc) around.  Join to top of Ch3.

Rows 3-5:  Repeat Row 2 for each of rows 3, 4, and 5.  Finish off.  Weave in ends.

Foot of bootie:

Row 1:    Turn bootie upside down.  Attach MC to free loop from the foundation chain of any stitch along side of bootie and Ch 1.  Using the free loop from the foundation chain, hdc in same stitch and hdc in each stitch around.  2 hdc in Ch2 spaces of Granny Square instep.  Hdc in each dc of Granny Square instep.  Join.

Row 2:     Ch 1, hdc in same stitch, hdc in each stitch around.  Join.

Row 3:    Repeat Row 2.

Row 4:    Fold bootie in half lengthwise and mark extreme ends of toe and heel with a pin or scrap of yarn.  Ch 1, hdc in each stitch around to 3rd stitch before toe or heel.  Work 3 hdc decreases over next 6 hdc stitches.  Continue hdc around to 3rd stitch before toe or heel.  Work 3 hdc decreases over next 6 hdc stitches.  Continue hdc around.  Join.  See below for explanation of hdc decrease.

Rows 5-6:    Repeat Row 4 for rows 5 and 6.  Finish off, leaving an 8-inch tail.


Turn bootie inside out and weave sole seam together using yarn tail.  Hold right sides of seam together and weave yarn through adjacent loops.  Be sure not to weave too tightly.  The sole of the bootie should be flat when finished.  Secure and weave in ends.

Weave 1/8 or 1/4 inch ribbon through foundation row of double crochet around ankle.  Tie in a bow.  Make 2 booties.

Hdc decrease:

Yarn over hook, insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop.  Insert hook into second stitch and pull up a loop.  Yarn over and pull through all four loops on hook.



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